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We offer services for technical and engineering solutions to meet the needs of Australian industry.

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We are dedicated to assisting our clients in optimising their productivity, efficiency, and maintaining the integrity of their measurement systems through our instrument sales, repairs and calibration services

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Welcome to DVL Calibrations

DVL Calibrations is Australia’s market leader in mobile testing and calibration services in Victoria and Adelaide. We have dedicated technicians who are at your service to provide solutions within your process, plus an electronic repair laboratory to look after many items requiring attention. We offer world class service at lowest price.

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We Provide Huge Range of Services

Our Technicians are highly qualified and experienced Calibration professionals

Flow meter calibration

Calibrations can be performed both on-site and in-house within 48 hours of your request

Hard Gauge Calibration

Our hard gauge calibration services include: Dial Gauges, Dial Test Indicators, gauge blocks, micrometers

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy instrument calibration, Hand Dynamometers, Pinch Gauges, Audiometers

Pressure Gauge calibration

Each gauge can be supplied complete with a calibration certificate traceable to Australian National Standards

Scale calibration

AS 2542.2.3-2007 Sensory analysis – Specific methods – Guidelines for the use of quantitative response scales

Thermometer Calibration

Our temperature calibration services include:Dry Heat Ovens, Furnaces, Glass Thermometers, IR thermometers